5 Interesting Facts About Haiti

Going for a vacation is not only a way to relax your mind but also the best feeling that one can have when they are enjoying the whole experience with the family. There are several destinations that one can choose from when considering places to visit. One of the best destinations that most people have not realized is Haiti. There are several things that one has to know about in this magnificent nation but hardly most people have not to figure them out. Here is a list of some of the five interesting facts about Haiti.

1. Wealth Owners

One of the interesting fact about Haiti is that one percent of the population of Haiti owns nearly fifty percent of the national wealth. Nearly 54 percent of the population lives under the poverty line. Despite the fact that it has one of the longest coastlines that is available in the Caribbean just after Cuba and that majority of the beaches in Haiti are still virgin. The land in Haiti is mostly mountainous in the Caribbean, it is nearly two thirds and the rest of the country is composed of great valleys, plateaus, and small plains.

2. Relation with the United States

Did you know that the States is the biggest if not the only trade partner that Haiti has? What this simply means is that they do more trade with each other than any other two countries, this is because nearly eighty percent of the exports from Haiti comes to the united states and nearly half the Haiti imports come from the states.

3. Beaches

As far a beautiful beached is concerned, Haiti beach is considered as one of the beautiful beaches in the world. What you will realize with the beaches unlike many others is the pristine nature and the lush vegetation that is surrounded by forested hills and mountains. The sand is golden white and palm trees all over the coastal line. They serve dessert recipes for groups

4. National Park

What most people have not realized is that there are actually five national parks that are located in Haiti. That is the La Visite National Park that is known because of the pine and broadleaf forest. Then there is the Citadelle, designated as World Heritage site in 1982. The third is the Sans-Souci Palace which was the home for the first monarch Henri Christophe. There is Labadee which is a private port owned by the Royal Caribbean International cruise company and one of the best place to visit and have fun on the island.

5. Food

The common thing about the Haitian food is that they are all lumped together with other Caribbean islands. The Haitian cuisine is much different because of the flavor and is based on Creole and French cooking style with very strong pepper flavoring. Haiti is very well known for producing some of the stable foods like coffee, mangoes, sugarcane, rice and of course wood.


Having mentioned the above fact about Haiti, you will realize that apart from the beautiful because and scenery that the country is known for. It is also very rich in history and trade. That is why it is very important to always figure out some of these interesting facts about this great nation.

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